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Give Help

There are many ways to help support young Nebraskans who are unconnected from family support.

Donate to help young Nebraskans

Change the life of a young person who has been involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice systems by making a donation now. The money you donate will be used to fund community-level projects and statewide, systematic changes that improve the lives of support young adults, ages 14 to 26, in Nebraska, who are living without the support of family and have life experiences that can make transitioning to adulthood feel overwhelming.

Donate online now

  1. Mail your gift or pledge to Project Everlast, C/O Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, 215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 200, Lincoln, NE 68508.
  2. Contact your attorney or financial advisor to donate by bequest.

All donations are processed through our parent organization, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. Don’t wait any longer- even a little money can make a big impact. Your generous support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Share what you know.

Many youth don’t know how to get the basics of an adult life started. Would you be willing to help youth learn about budgeting, open a checking account, read a lease, negotiate with a car salesman, set up utilities, apply for college, interview for a job, or dozens of tasks like this? These may seem like simple things, but most youth have parents to go to for advice. Email Emily Boardman  to find out how you can share what you know.

Connect youth to the assets of adulthood.

You can be a source of hope, help and inspiration to youth in your community simply by helping youth aging out of care open doors. If you’re in a position to provide advice, money or resources that will help establish youth stably in your community, you have the potential to change a life. Here’s how you can help:

  • Housing – Do you have a rental property you could make available to a youth coming out of foster care? What about furniture, access to renter’s insurance or help with a lease when they have no cosigner or credit history?
  • Transportation – Can you offer vehicle maintenance, cab fare or a bus pass? If you own or manage a car dealership, can you offer special deals for youth aging out of care?
  • Health care – Can you help walk a youth through the process of getting health insurance or help pay medical bills? What about recommending doctors for specific conditions, or providing free checkups or consultations for uninsured youth.
  • Education – Can you help a youth pay for college books, tuition or testing fees? Even taking some time to help a young person complete financial aid applications or scholarship forms can be extremely helpful. Employment – Do you have jobs or internships to give to youth who have aged out of care? Even giving tips on resume writing, interview skills and good work habits will make a difference.

Email Emily Boardman to find out how you can open a door to success for a young adult.