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Starting July 1, 2014, Project Everlast Lincoln started providing services to young people in the area transitioning out of foster care and into adulthood. The Lincoln initiative, like the successful Omaha initiative is made up of:

  • Youth voice┬áin the form of the Project Everlast Lincoln youth council to inform all programs and practices
  • Central Access Navigation services to give youth one point of contant to find all the services they may need
  • Transitional services to assist with housing, health care, living skills, etc.
  • Opportunity Passport program to help youth save money for and purchase assets that are critical to success.
  • Permanency services to connect young people to caring adults from years past so they can build a dependable social network
  • Needs-Based Fund to provide youth with emergency cash when needed

Community partners

With the help from statewide and community funders, Project Everlast Lincoln was able to assemble a team of community partners to provide services to youth. The Hub, Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties, CEDARS, Centerpointe, Region 5 Professional Partners, PALS and Christian Heritage are now serving youth in Lincoln. Outside of Lincoln, the Blue Valley and Southeast Nebraska Community Action Patnerships are seeing to the needs of rural youth, who for the first time ever, have access to an effective system of care.

Local funders

  • Cooper Foundation
  • Lincoln Community Foundation
  • Woods Charitable Fund
  • Women Investing in Nebraska
  • City/County Keno Funds