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To learn more or speak to someone about Project Everlast Omaha, please contact Aaron via email at

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Youth Engagement and leadership at Project Everlast is focused on: Connection to self, group and community, skill development, leadership development, and advocacy.

Join us for social events, holiday events, and celebrations.

Learn the skills that will help you live successfully on your own.

Use your skills and passions to lead others!

Get civically engaged. 

Meet and relate with people who have been through similar situations.

Use your voice to make change in systems you were involved in.

When your birthday comes around — you get a sweet treat on us!

Gift baskets for young people going through a hard life crises.

We want to hear from you. What leadership opportunities are you are interested in? (Check all that apply)

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Starting at Project Everlast's inception in 2007, keeping youth voice front and center was the primary goal. Youth representatives with experience in foster care played a key role in the initial planning process in Omaha, and have continued to shape the direction of Project Everlast.

Council members are asked for input on bills, new programs and policy changes that effect youth in care a big example of that is the work that was done on the Bridges to Independence program, the Know Your Rights brochure and the Youth Court Questionnaire 

  • Legislative Day is an annual event where young people present their support of bills that may be heard during the legislative session that would impact youth and young adults to the Governor of Nebraska.  
  • Our Small Committee consists of elected members to specific positions of leadership and lead the council. The positions of leadership are Secretary, Welcoming Person, Treasurer, Task Manager and Facilitator. Elections are held in June and December of the year and members hold six month terms. 

    Project Everlast's statewide councils -  Across the state, these dedicated youth groups connect with one another and the larger community through service projects, training and education, and opportunities to have input in the state's management of the foster care system.
    Governor's Youth Advisory Council - This select group of young people have the opportunity to provide input directly to Nebraska's governor about issues affecting them.
    Speakers Bureau - A collection of expertly trained young people who are empowered to share their stories for policy makers, community groups and private philanthropy.

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