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Project Everlast Omaha works with Central Plains Center for Services' PALS program, the Omaha Home for Boys and the Child Saving Institute to offer critical transitional services for young people with foster care experience. These services can help young people:

  • Get education and training to to help them land and hold a job
  • Generate a sufficient income to support themselves
  • Access safe, stable, affordable housing in the community that is near public transportation, school and work
  • Get sufficient and affordable health insurance and services for both physical and behavioral health



Project Employment is a joint effort between Project Everlast Omaha, Goodwill Industries and Heartland Workforce Solutions. The goal is to train young people with the skills to make them productive employees. Find out more about Project Employment now.



Through contracts with Youth Emergency Services and Heartland Family Services, Project Everlast Omaha can help young people who are homeless, nearling homelessness, or aging out of foster care find safe and stable housing.


Health care

Through a contract with the Nebraska Families Collaborative, the Navigating the Road to Health program offers young people:

  • Electronic Life Records (ELRs)—This record is a summary of a former foster youth’s educational and medical provider history while he/she was in foster care. This document can be used to request transcripts from schools the youth attended or obtain records from medical providers. When completed, a copy of this document is uploaded into NFOCUS, an electronic database, to allow youth to request this information at a later date, if needed.
  • Online Youth Curriculum—The Navigating the Road to Health (NRH) Youth Course is intended to assist current foster youth in gaining knowledge and skills they will need as they move out of the foster care system and into independent living as a young adult. It will also serve as a valuable resource for former foster youth who have already left the system, but can benefit from the skills and knowledge provided by through course.
  • Healthcare Fund — Youth approved for assistance through the NRH Healthcare Fund will be eligible to receive up to $150 annually towards the costs of preventive health services, such as health physicals, dental and vision exams, as well as mental health services and associated prescriptions.

After the young adult’s appointment with the participating clinic, the Healthcare Navigator will follow-up with the young adult to assess any further needs the youth may have, such as paying for prescriptions or follow-up medical appointments. The Healthcare Navigator will work with the young adult to identify additional sources of support for healthcare funding for them.