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Meet Jessica P. - a foster care success story

Bipolar is something I have, it’s not who I AM

Even before I was diagnosed, bipolar disorder was my personal prison. I was entangled in a massive web of my own feelings that I couldn’t separate, identify or control. One second I could be extremely happy and then, suddenly, grow angry for no reason. Not being able to control my feelings and actions scared me.

I felt like an unwanted burden to others. The many medications I was prescribed only seemed to make the disorder worse. My foster parents didn’t quite know how to help me, but they never gave up. I’m so glad that they had the patience and strength to stick with me. I’m grateful to say they are now my guardians. My counselor was also instrumental in dealing with the disorder. He helped me identify the emotions I was feeling and taught me ways to calm myself and think through situations first. Without my guardians and counselor, I don’t know where I would be.