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Look to this section for updates about state and national legislation that affects foster youth and those aging out of care.

LB 216 - Extending services to youth aging out of care until age 21
Signed by Governor Heineman at the end of the 2013 legislative session, this bill provides state funding for independent living services, foster family reimbursements, medical insurance, housing vouchers and case management to the age of 21. Once implemented, youth between 19 and 21 may still live with a foster family while they finish high school, get established in college or get a stable job. The goal is to reduce the homelessness, unemployment, low educational achievement, too-early pregnancy and involvement in the justice system.

LB 216 was advanced 28-1 in the first round of voting, and sent to the Governor with a 44-3 vote at the end of May 2013.

The passage of this bill came from a combined effort from Project Everlast Youth, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation programs and marketing leaders, and committed advocates at Nebraska Appleseed. It was an outstanding example of channeling multiple resources toward a common goal.

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