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Thinking of YOU Care Basket Initiative

A partnership with Orphans and Widows of Omaha, Child Savings Institute and Project Everlast Omaha.

This initiative is to help support young people through hard life crises and be a small way to emotionally support young people through that time.
There are three types of care baskets available:
— Thinking of You Basket
— Emotional Support Basket
— Get Well Soon Basket
Forms must be submitted by the supportive specialist working with them.
Baskets will be picked up from the Project Everlast Omaha Office on Thursdays beginning in February.
Please reach out to Schalisha at for questions.

To join the O&W Journey and help us meet the needs of our young adults please donate today.
Required Information
Specialist Contact Information
Desired Thursday Date for Pick Up
Please allow at least one week from submission for turnaround time.
Young Person's Information:
What kind of care basket are you requesting for the young person?
Select Care Basket
Please provide a brief description of why you are requesting a Thinking Of You Care Basket for this young person.