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One Scary Moment

What I am about to tell you may come as a shock, or it may not, depending on who you are. It is a story about bravery and doing the right thing. Plus, on top of that, it is a story based on a true event that took place four years ago almost to the day.

My family likes very interesting things. For instance, this story takes place at a park in Tucson, AZ around 6 pm. There were, my cousins, my aunts, my mom, and myself, at medieval club thing my cousins and my two aunts were a part of. Well, my little cousin, two of her friends, and myself decided to go out and explore the park. So we stalked off and started to wander around the darkened park. We walked for about twenty minutes when we came over this hill and came upon a couple getting ready to be intimate.

Well, being the oldest of the group, I thought I was my duty to tell the two perverts that there were little kids around and to go get a room. Big mistake on my part. The man of the two stood up and pulled something of the waistline of his pants, it was a gun. He then aimed it in our directions, so I quickly told the three little kids with me to run back to the adults as fast as they could. I trailed behind them and could hear the man running after us.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the man stopped chasing us, but only when he saw where we were headed. We then made it back to the adults and I told them what happened and why we’d been running. We then called the police and told them what happened. The police then showed up at the park and searched the spot where we told them we had the encounter with the man and his gun. They didn’t even find a trace of the man, women, or gun.

To this day I still remember the look of terror on my cousin's face, and how because I had opened my big mouth, she or her friends could have gotten hurt or killed. I may have gotten them out of harm’s way, but just barely. If the man had caught up to us or one of us had tripped, it could have been very bad. I will never forget that night for as long as I live. My cousin still says I’m her favorite cousin even four years later, for saving her life. I thank God every night and day that my cousin and I survived.