The Words of Art

If you actually pay attention to other people and what they draw you can sometime see them looking right back at you. Art isn’t always a bunch of colors, scribbles, and lines put together. It is a way to express yourself without actually telling someone how you feel in words. It’s a way to tell someone that you’re sad or mad or happy or even lonely. Colors tell and show how a person feels at the moment or in the past.

Art can also tell you a story. Tell you their past, their likes, their dislikes, or possibly what they want for the future. For me, art is a way that I can put myself out there and show people who I am. That I am different, and I am proud of my difference. Some people think that art has no use and that some art is no art at all.

Some art is but a few lines. It may be nothing but a few lines to you but every line has a story that is waiting to be told. This is my story. The story of a nerdy girl that is in love with school and the stroke of a pencil.