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Why relationships matter (even when they're hard)

Hey guys- I hope my post today doesn't bore you and I hope you immediately are filled with the need to be surrounded by the people you love especially in this cold weather. Even if you are far away from your "family," go to work happy today and be thankful for all the drivers around you and, if you’re anything like me, wonder what their lives are like. Sometimes I even make up whole stories while stuck in traffic. But anyway, let’s talk relationships….

I haven’t ever been "good" at relationships. I don’t call as often as I should. I forget important dates and often make people feel unimportant. Relationships take too much work -- they’ve almost always disappointed me and repeatedly left me worse than I was before the relationship started. I didn’t understand why people wanted multiple friends, but even more I didn’t know how they managed them.

Everyone has their multiple titles/roles and some of us have even plotted those relationships out. Some people are good at all of their relationships and some have a few perfected.

I, however, couldn’t seem to get any of mine right.

In hindsight I think it’s because I went into relationships with the wrong attitude. I was choosing the option of failure before I even got started. Now, I've decided that for me relationships are important and needed. My relationship with God and with other people is what drives me to do better, change things and teach effectively.

I don’t know everything (there, I said it) and I can always learn something for someone else. I don’t do everything right and quite honestly, I am often wrong. Man, that was harder than I thought it would be! I may be a young women, but I have learned that relationships do take work and some take a lot of work. But they are almost always worth it. I once read somewhere that everything happens for a reason -- either as a blessing or a lesson. With that mindset, no relationship is useless and every interaction can be utilized to do better.

I need to be good at relationships so that I and those around me are better off. There is this verse that reads, “My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways.” To me, it means that I have to show, demonstrate and live the things I want to teach. I desire so much for my children to be productive, positive, loving people and the best way to teach them how to do that and show them how important it is to be this way is to also do it. I feel like it’s possible to change the world through them. If I teach them effectively and have positive interactions with their friends and cousins they can model what they see to their friends and families and maybe we can start an unstoppable chain of kindness and love.

My previous isolating coping methods only left me feeling incomplete and I am done with that. This time I choose to surround myself with the people I love, whether we are on good terms or not. I CAN CHOOSE to love them through it, and hopefully every single time I do.

People need to understand that they have choices to make. They make choices every single day and they will continue to make choices for their entire life. We know which ones are right and sometimes we choose to do wrong anyway. As we all know and we’ve all heard (I hope), the right choice may not be the popular or easy choice but it’s the RIGHT one. Let's make more of them! :0)

Merry Christmas! <3 Me

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