With fully operational Project Everlast initiatives in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska Children will be working to expand the program to select communities across the state. We're already in planning with Grand Island/Hastings, the Panhandle, Fremont and Norfolk about bringing the community together to create a Project Everlast initiative that serves the unique needs of each community's youth.

Youth council vs. full Project Everlast initiative

Everything Project Everlast does has a central youth voice component. Our Project Everlast Youth Councils provide input from the young people who are being affected by foster care and the services in their communities. Currently, Project Everlast has youth councils across the state - in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Kearney, Aurora, Fremont, Norfolk, North Platte and the Panhandle. These councils serve as the youth voice for the area, providing input on how their communities and the statewide system can better serve them.

While these councils are critical to developing youth-led systems of of care, the councils do not provide any services. A full Project Everlast initiative - like those in place in Omaha and Lincoln - use the feedback and input provided by the youth councils to develop a network of services. This network is designed to wrap around a given community's young people with foster care experience and help them transition successfully to adulthood. 

Want to know more about statewide expansion?

Contact Jason Feldhaus, Associate Vice President of Project Everlast Expansion, via email or at 402-384-4670.